After receiving stunning engagement photos from our June 2016 clients, Sara and Adam by the amazing Lin & Jirsa, we felt inspired to write a blog post about the importance of an engagement shoot!   When making wedding photographer recommendations, we always feel compelled to recommend a engagement session (budget permitting), for the following reasons!
  • Getting To Know Your Photographer – Your photographer is one of your key wedding vendors and it’s important that you like them — they will be capturing your memories that will last a lifetime!  An engagement shoot is the perfect way to connect with your photographer before the big day, ensure you gel, and get comfortable with they way they work!
  • Camera Comfort – Taking photos isn’t always fun for everyone (especially those grooms) so it is great to have some practice pre-wedding!  There are several items that can lead to stress on your big day so remove photo anxiety from the equation.  You both will be more comfortable if you have had a chance to pose together and receive some direction from the photographer in advance!
  • Connecting On Camera – Your connection in person is amazing but you look awkward in photos!  An engagement session gives you a chance to review what works and what does not .  Since your photos are such an important part of the day you want to make sure your amazing connection is reflected and captured!
  • Hair & Make-Up Trial– An engagement shoot is a great reason to trial your hair and make-up.  Since make-up tends to be heavier for photos, this is the perfect chance to do a test run and see how it looks when it is captured.
  • Save The Dates – Incorporating photos into a Save The Date is a fun and personal touch.  Engagement photos will give you a vast selection of content!
  • Wedding Decor & Personal Touches – It is always nice to include framed photos, a personalized guest book, or other special details that reflect you both as a couple.  Engagement shoots give you the professional content to do that.  Often, photographers will even create a guest book or mounted photo frame to be used. Engagement photos also make great family presents.

Sara 5

Sara 3

Now that we have convinced you to book an engagement shoot, here are some our tips for your shoot:
  • Work with your photographer to select a few unique locations that are meaningful to you both.  Be sure to check out any permitting or hourly restrictions in advance!
  • Select a few different outfits and styles — you never know what will photograph best!  Keep patterns simple and make sure your selections are a reflection of something you would typically wear.
  • Try a few different poses.  If it feels awkward, it might look awkward so don’t be scared to change it up or flag to the photographer that you are not comfortable.
  • If an engagement session is not included in your package, ask your photographer how you can work one in or include it!
  •  Have fun!  Enjoy the day with your fiance – fun, relaxed, and natural photos always turnout best!

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